Juthamas Vadhanapanich

Juthamas Vadhanapanich (Juth)

Chief Product Officer

Juth or Juthamas is the Head of CX at Ascend Group, one of the largest FinTech Company in South East Asia. Formerly, she was Head of UX/UI design team at Scale360, a FinTech and Marketplace Company from the UK. She used to work as an art director at Coconuts media. She was also the first Thai who works as a visual designer at Reuters, Thailand, she was responsible for designing apps for various UK Banks. Additionally, she is a panel of DEPA (formerly known as SIPA) as well as an instructor of RISE on UX/UI related topics. If you know “Shutter” a Thai famous horror movie, Juth was the one who designed its online interactive experience. Recently, she is continue enhancing her UX/UI knowledge and sharing to the societies by being an inviting lecturer and speaker for master degree and bachelor degree students from various universities. She is also a Co-founder of A Cuppa Academy, which is an academic camp for sharing knowledge and experience on CX, UX/UI as well as digital marketing. Her expertise in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) as well as digital marketing will definitely help create a memorable experience and awareness of your customers.